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Huge rare waterfalls in the valley, thanks to recent rains.jpg
Life on Maui is sometimes... inexplicable.jpg
The town of Wailua, with traditional taro fields.jpg
-Secret- waterfall and sponge bark eucalyptus.jpg
Lyman at Waterfall.jpg
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Sponge bark eucalyptus growing on rocks.jpg
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Notice the waterfalls falling off the edge of the island... Really rare.  Lo.jpg
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Red Sand Beach.jpg
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Venus Pool leap of faith.jpg
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Cow attack!.jpg
An obvious photo opp.jpg
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Surfboard Fence.jpg
African Tulip Tree on the Road to Hana.jpg
Garden of Eden.jpg
Keanae Arboretum.jpg
Rainbow Eucalyptus, Keanae Arboretum.jpg
Keanae Arboretum (1).jpg
Seed Pod, Keanae Arboretum.jpg
Torch Ginger and Mosquito, Keanae Arboretum.jpg
Keanae Arboretum (2).jpg
Waianapanapa State Park, Hana.jpg
Waterfall, Road to Hana.jpg
ʻOheʻo Gulch.jpg
Bird over ʻOheʻo Gulch.jpg
Pipiwai Trail.jpg
Waimoku Falls - 400' (120m) High!.jpg
Banyan Tree.jpg
Venus Pool.jpg
Dan and Ia on the road to Hana.jpg
Torch ginger going wild!.jpg
Torch Ginger.jpg
Monstrous avocado tree laden with fruit.  Hard (if not impossible) to harves.jpg
Beautiful flower at Twin Falls.jpg
This is how ginger grows anew... the modified leaf that people think of as a.jpg
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The Road to Hana.jpg
Valley with waterfalls.  Haleakala draped in clouds.jpg
Exiting the lava tube. Road to Hana.jpg
African Tulip Tree, Road to Hana.jpg
Beautiful flower (or leaf, or stem...). Road to Hana.jpg
Waianapanapa State Park.jpg
Waianapanapa State Park (1).jpg
Black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park (1).jpg
Philippe goes aggressive on his second jump.jpg
Secret waterfall. Road (around back) from Hana.jpg
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New Ulupalakua Wind Farm.jpg
Giant ficus or rubber tree sitting on top of the lava tube at the bottom of .jpg
In the bamboo forest.jpg
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