10151062467588955 (2012-07-15).jpg
10151122050218955 (2012-08-12).jpg
10151111584328955 (2012-08-07).jpg
First day in the Olympic Park!!.jpg
My first run-in with a mascot.  They're actually cuter than I expected. And .jpg
Parking is at a premium around the Olympic Park.jpg
Really nice view of water polo (foreground) and aquatics (background) and pa.jpg
Basketball venue with (undetermined) building in front.jpg
Stadium, with an odd bluish background... what IS that-... oh yeah... sky!.jpg
10151086420298955 (2012-07-26).jpg
I am here!  Check the lower left corner.jpg
10151086426408955 (2012-07-26).jpg
10151086428768955 (2012-07-26).jpg
Opening Ceremonies from the Broadcast Operations Center of NBC Olympics.jpg
Nightscape at the Olympic Park.  For @Shane Canada. Thanks to @Kevin Rebelo .jpg
Watching the parade of athletes in 3D.jpg
7 billion people on the planet.jpg
10151092311528955 (2012-07-29).jpg
10151089017338955 (2012-07-28).jpg
The Mall, with Buckingham Palace in the background. It's the finish line for.jpg
Orbit and Stadium.jpg
10151092294828955 (2012-07-29).jpg
Her Majesty's Horse Guards Parade, venue for Beach Volleyball.jpg
Her Majesty's Horse Guards Parade, venue for Beach Volleyball (1).jpg
At Beach Volleyball.jpg
Crowds are -real- now, in Olympic Park. Much harder to get from Point A to P.jpg
Olympic Park.jpg
I got to spend a few moments working on our commentary position during a wom.jpg
10151096290743955 (2012-07-31).jpg
10151096291083955 (2012-07-31).jpg
10151096293253955 (2012-07-31).jpg
Dan Holme, honorary commentator for Women's Basketball.  OK, the game was fi.jpg
10151096301318955 (2012-07-31).jpg
10151096314343955 (2012-07-31).jpg
10151096315733955 (2012-07-31).jpg
10151096375653955 (2012-07-31).jpg
Be kind in your comments, please. This is a family album. --).jpg
The British men are the first in 100 years to medal in gymno.jpg
Holy cow what a sunset!.jpg
Chris discovered just why I have so many pictures of Tower Bridge on my Face.jpg
Orbit and ubiquitous wildflowers.jpg
Stadium and Orbit on a beautiful afternoon.jpg
The Olympic torch, comprised of 204 copper -petals- representing each of the.jpg
10151102978118955 (2012-08-03).jpg
With crazy South African fans. Not really Garth, but might as well have been.jpg
Panorama of the Copper Box, currently the Handball venue.jpg
10151103032288955 (2012-08-03).jpg
The Karate Kid move by the goalie did not stop the ball.jpg
Lesser-known sports (in the USA anyway) getting airtime (or stream-time at l.jpg
10151103043833955 (2012-08-03).jpg
Nightscape- Stadium and Orbit.jpg
Full moon over Olympic Park.jpg
Other-worldly Orbit. OK I've decided I like it at night, at least.jpg
Full moon and aquatics.jpg
Horse mounted policeman.jpg
On the tube with 3 of the Belgian swim team.jpg
With Athletics (stadium) and Cycling (velodrome) open, now, the park is -sup.jpg
Panorama of Olympic Park and crowds.jpg
Dan, Fabrizio and Alberto (lower left, waving) at the BP pavilion.jpg
10151111558748955 (2012-08-07).jpg
10151111562988955 (2012-08-07).jpg
It's THAT fast.jpg
10151111579728955 (2012-08-07).jpg
10151111585933955 (2012-08-07).jpg
Olympic rings at the Aquatics venue.jpg
10151113730833955 (2012-08-08).jpg
Panorama of the Aquatics venue. What you can NOT see is that the bleachers e.jpg
Chris Mears. Think there's a little G-force to be reckoned with while diving.jpg
Alexandre Despatie.jpg
Alexandre Despatie (1).jpg
Troy Dumais (1).jpg
Chris Mears (9).jpg
Cameras covering the Aquatics events (5).jpg
Chris Mears recognizes his own score and thanks the crowd for their uproario.jpg
10151116862523955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151116864398955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151116865728955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151116870558955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151116992513955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151116997993955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117005023955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117007718955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117010533955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117020453955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117022743955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117023013955 (2012-08-09).jpg
10151117027058955 (2012-08-09).jpg
Crowds at Park Live.jpg
10151119426028955 (2012-08-10).jpg
Bag pipes play outside the BMX venue.jpg
10151119431083955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119433548955 (2012-08-10).jpg
A Swedish family gets ready to cheer Sverige in Handball.jpg
10151119453983955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119455098955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119456193955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119456673955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119457013955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119457203955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119458798955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119459788955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119460218955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119461518955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119461933955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119463023955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119463593955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119463958955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119464858955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119465028955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119465523955 (2012-08-10).jpg
10151119465983955 (2012-08-10).jpg
Matthew Mitcham rips his entry.jpg
10151121911878955 (2012-08-12).jpg
10151121917608955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Matthew Mitcham visualizes his next dive.jpg
10151121925003955 (2012-08-12).jpg
David Boudia.jpg
Tom Daley (1).jpg
Matthew is consoled after his last dive.jpg
10151121941473955 (2012-08-12).jpg
David Boudia. Too bad he's not photogenic, huh-.jpg
Matthew gives me a sign.  It realy was to me --).jpg
10151122015943955 (2012-08-12).jpg
The Daley Family.jpg
10151122016783955 (2012-08-12).jpg
10151122017123955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Riley McCormick.jpg
Crowd control in the shadow of greatness.jpg
Sara Leclerc.jpg
Band plays.jpg
Santa has a summer job!.jpg
Sport and beer- the great unifiers.jpg
More Norskies.jpg
French sailors...-.jpg
Panorama of Riverside Arena.jpg
10151122033778955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Australia (in green) and Great Britain  (in red) compete for the Bronze.  Au.jpg
10151122042173955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Goal!  By Mr. Green Teeth.jpg
Celebrating a goal.jpg
10151122050813955 (2012-08-12).jpg
10151122053218955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Boudia in flight.jpg
Fans and flags.jpg
All divers anxiously await the scores for Qiu Bo (CHN, foreground), which wi.jpg
Tom Daley's celebration continues.jpg
10151122145338955 (2012-08-12).jpg
Tom Daley (3).jpg
Qiu Bo.jpg
David Boutia.jpg
David Boutia (1).jpg
Tom Daley (5).jpg
Tom Daley (6).jpg
Tito SENA (Brasil) and Abderrahman AIT KHAMOUCH (Espana), who came in first .jpg
Trafalgar Square decked out for the Paralympic Games.jpg
Early leaders of the mens marathon, wheelchair division. I was heading out t.jpg
Elite athletes and fantastic technology.jpg
10151176856283955 (2012-09-09).jpg
Fans cheer on the paralympians.jpg
Revelers on the street during the Closing Ceremonies.jpg
10151038365473955 (2012-07-04).jpg
Tower Bridge.jpg
When graphic designers have a sense of humor.jpg
10151086404983955 (2012-07-26).jpg
10151092307168955 (2012-07-29).jpg
Regent Street decked out for London 2012.jpg
Entrance to NBC News space.jpg
A sign in NBC News adds perspective.jpg
10151122055503955 (2012-08-12).jpg
At Beach Volleyball.jpg