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10152448709698955 (2014-06-10).jpg
10152448711473955 (2014-06-10).jpg
On July 5, London lit up The Shard, Europe's tallest skyscraper, for the fir (1).jpg
Magical Lighting on the Tower of London at sunset, as the reflection from th.jpg
Tower Bridge and the Shard.jpg
The Shard.jpg
Thames, Tower Bridge, and Shard.jpg
10151086407748955 (2012-07-26).jpg
Horse Guard.jpg
Tower Bridge to Shard Panorama.jpg
10151116876008955 (2012-08-09).jpg
The world's most interesting intersection, Canary Wharf, London.jpg
Canary Wharf, London.jpg
Shad Thames.jpg
10151212316033955 (2012-10-06).jpg
City Hall, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London (back, left) and the plaza at M.jpg
Panorama of Tower Bridge, the Tower, and the City with all its construction.jpg
Shad Thames (1).jpg
Shad Thames. Old East India Company warehouses now reborn as a trendy neighb.jpg
London, from the top of Heron Tower.jpg
10150830482703955 (2012-05-03).jpg
At Yale Law School. Or Kings College, maybe.jpg
Southwark Cathedral and the Shard.jpg
Old palace wall in Southwark.jpg
New Globe Theatre, London.jpg
Salcombe waterfront.jpg
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10151697719778955 (2013-07-03).jpg
10151697735933955 (2013-07-03).jpg
10151727842353955 (2013-07-18).jpg
Watching Wimbledon at More London on a sunny summer day (1).jpg
Sunny summer day at St Pauls.jpg
Monmouth Coffee & Neal's Yard Cheese Shop, Borough Market Editions.jpg