10152280974098955 (2014-03-24).jpg
10152224338618955 (2014-02-26).jpg
Melbourne also has the best coffee on the planet!.jpg
10151611143543955 (2013-05-16).jpg
10151671088823955 (2013-06-19).jpg
10150464638028955 (2011-12-15).jpg
I cannot even begin to say how much I will miss you, Maddie!! It has been a .jpg
10152059452473955 (2013-12-12).jpg
Turtle of the Day - This big guy (yes, it's a guy--you can tell because he h.jpg
10151674635988955 (2013-06-21).jpg
This eel swam into a little cranny and scared the crap out of the little shr.jpg
The Stephen Sondheim Theatre.jpg
10152281135788955 (2014-03-24).jpg
A beautiful day on Maui and I had my good camera with a good polarizing filt.jpg
10151132429738955 (2012-08-16).jpg
A reminder that I do live at the end of the rainbow!! (1).jpg
Location- Front deck. scene- sunset. Audio- south swell waves crashing on be.jpg
Flowers!!!! From mom and dad! How awesome is that!-!.jpg
10152224380928955 (2014-02-26).jpg
-Will walk on water for balls.-.jpg
First coconut juice of 2013!  Re-took this photo with my new Canon EOS-M as .jpg
10152033968643955 (2013-11-30).jpg
Hibiscus Margarita. Hell yeah! Doctor's orders!.jpg
10151716885588955 (2013-07-13).jpg
Microsoft Yammering and Skyping at London Pride!.jpg
In London, missing Maddie and Jack!.jpg
Maddie got a.coconut today while I am away... I miss her and miss Maui!!!.jpg
My man Dan.jpg
10150845666110847 (2012-05-25).jpg
10151664116408955 (2013-06-16).jpg
Octopus 1506 - Edited.jpg